They Did, Didn’t They

They Did Didn’t They is a podcast series about community, creativity, self-care, collective care, and culture. Across 10 episodes They Did Didn’t they, draws on a wealth of community knowledge and experience to explore and unpack the many ways to build community wellbeing from the ground up instead of top down. These conversations continue to inform and shape the practice within cohealth Arts Generator.

In this series expect to hear from children and young people, friends of friends, Aunties, colleagues, peers and long time collaborators alongside a soundtrack featuring NOMAD, Ninah Nicole, therudyv, SK Simeon, Yaw Faso, Wawang, MASSIVE and Frankie. It’s a start. Let’s see where it leads.

Made by Hekima Komba, Gabriela Georges, Anyuop Dau, Lay the Mystic and Mary Quinsacara, all of whom work in different capacities at cohealth Arts Generator.

Listen here:


Visual Aesthetics and Video Promo content by Lay the Mystic

Graphic Design by Art by Manny Sison

Jingle by Syrene Favero

Mixing and some recording by Joe Motley

Additional audio editing by Paul Mileson