Sisters and Brothers

Sisters and Brothers (S&B) is a music-based schools program that aims to teach children and young people in Grades 3 to 9 about race-based discrimination. With racism identified as a primary health concern among children and young people, schools have become critical spaces to facilitate empathic perspectives about the effects of race-based discrimination.
Bystander education is a key aspect of S&B, the program uses critical hip-hop pedagogy to engage young people in meaningful conversations building confidence and agency. Young students are supported to identify, understand and safely intervene when they witness race-based discrimination within and beyond their school communities; these messages and skills are practiced, shared and performed by the participating students to their class groups and the broader school community.
Essential to the success of S&B is the role of Artist Facilitators with expertise in multidisciplinary art forms, who use their lived experience of racial discrimination to create meaningful conversations. Through workshops in music, beat making, song writing, poetry, zine making, visual design, dance and theatre, they mentor young participants to create original works shared both with their learning communities and as part of a larger conversation about equality and diversity.
Operating successfully for over six years, S&B is one of cohealth Arts Generator’s longest standing programs, currently working towards developing a re-design through conversations with First Nations’ women. Since 2013, S&B has been delivered to more than 1500 students across 25 schools in Melbourne and engaged 22 Artist Facilitators.
If your school is interested in this program or for more information on how to participate contact Phil Pandongan: [email protected]