Paul ‘Paulfactor’ Mileson

Artist Facilitator

Paul Mileson also known as Paulfactor is a Rapper/Singer/Songwriter from London, England who migrated to Australia with his mother & younger brother in the mid 1990’s. With a start in rapping at 15 and singing at 18 he later joined Massive hip-hop choir at 20 which has been the springboard for his involvement in Cohealth arts generator programs.  After recovering from a near fatal hit and run Paulfactor got back on his feet with the support from his arts gen family. Paul has co-run workshops at Woodleigh Primary School, Parkville Youth Justice Centre and Dame Phyllis Frost Centre. Paul has learned new things about the roles and requirements in Sisters and Brothers and is quick to break the ice when the time is right. 

And as of 2017 Paul has facilitated his own songwriting workshops at Dinjerra, recording songs with a few of the students, teaching them how to rap, build confidence and become role models.

Past Program Highlights