Be a Brother campaign

Be a Brother campaign

Following the successful launch of the Be a Brother campaign, we have now released the first film as part of the project titled ‘BROTHER IN THE DAY, ENEMIES AT NIGHT’.

Be a Brother is an innovative campaign using videos and social media and driven by young African men living in Melbourne’s West who are committed to finding solutions to issues facing their community.

The message behind Be A Brother is that you can drink but you need to know your own limits. Drinking is part of the Australian culture but don’t go too far and forget how you got home last night. Ask your friends to drink less. Let’s change the perception of young African alcoholism and see our own stories that will project ourselves in a positive light.

The project is led by peer mentors who will be the first point of contact for the young men, when they register online to become a brother. The peer mentors will run workshops with the young men regarding the effects of alcohol and how we can help each other as friends and brothers as well.

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