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As Movement Makers Youth Arts Forum edges closer we wanted to shine some light on the committee itself as there is much talent to talk about!

Manuel Sison third year Youth Work student undertaking his placement at cohealth Arts Generator and Brimbank Youth Services interviews Danielle Farrah and Patrick Sison.

MM: What type of medium(s)/art form do you work with?

PATRICK: I work with a variety of art forms. I draw, paint, sculpt, perform, cut, edit and film. But out of those, I enjoy putting pencil to paper because I can do it anywhere.

DANIELLE: I like to dabble in the art of poetry, more specifically Rap.
MM: How long have you been practicing and what influenced you to get into it?

PATRICK: I forget how long I’ve been practicing for, but I know I started young.

DANIELLE: Ever since my year 7 talent show, I’ve built up the confidence to perform in front of large audiences. The crowd has definitely been my influence.
MM: Who are your major influences and sources of inspiration?

PATRICK: Watching Toy Story at a young age influenced me to get creative and learn how it’s done, the design and effect it had made we want to learn more about it. My major influences of inspiration are John Lasseter, Director of Toy story, Brad Bird, Director of The Incredibles and Edgar Wright, Director of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World and Shaun of the dead. To me they are my major influences when it comes to film and media as they keep the attention of the audience after multiple viewings. But when it comes to art inspirations I look upon Francis Manapul, Jim Lee and John Romita Sr, all comic book artists.

DANIELLE: The major influence and inspiration that has taken me captive is my teacher of Miseducation, Lauryn Hill.


MM: What creative programs or projects have you been a part of?

PATRICK: The creative programs and projects that I have been apart of are all school based. My sculpture won the Brian O’ Lachlan Senior award and I’ve performed for a couple of music concerts at school.

DANIELLE: I’ve been a part of a wide range of performing arts projects such as Big West Festival and Emerge in Brimbank.


MM: Where do you see your art practice going in the future?

PATRICK: I hope to see my practice going into the entertainment industry, either into the film industry or radio. If not that then hopefully a storyboard artist or a comic book artist. But fingers crossed for film!

DANIELLE: I want to be able to encourage generations younger than myself to express themselves in forms that are known as Arts, whichever field that may be. I want to be able to extend the knowledge of the creative industries, and through performing and sharing opportunities, I feel like I’m giving the spotlight to everyone around me.


MM: Do you have a website or a form of social media where you share your work? Where can people find you?

PATRICK: You can follow me on @patrickortreat on Instagram.

DANIELLE: I don’t share my work on social media by personal choice, but people are able to find me through my online fundraising profile in partnership with the GVN Foundation, with whom I’ll be travelling to Thailand with next year!

LINK to GVN fundraiser:


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