Artist Spotlight

Stage NameYaw Faso (Movement Makers Youth Arts Forum Organiser)

Yaw is a name originating from Ghana, meaning born on a Thursday. As I was born on a Thursday, a lot of people know me by this name. The Faso part of my stage name is an interesting one, because it has a lot of meanings to it. I often have people confused as to why I am called this. This name can be interpreted different ways by. This is my interpretation; in my Father’s language the word “Fasu” means “to lead on”, I believe all my thoughts lead on another and that some thoughts that I would have never expect have lead on to be amazing creations, “Faso” is an alternate spelling and pronunciation to “Fasu”. Another reason why “Faso” exists in my stage name is because my birth name is Oti and the name Oti comes from name of the river called ‘Oti River’ which waters flow through Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.

 What type of medium(s)/art form do you work with?

Thea­tre and music are my strongest art forms that I associate with.

How long have you been practicing and what influenced you to get into it?

I loved singing and drumming around the house. Growing up in a creative family, it gave me a drive and influenced me to take part in the creative activities. I started doing theatre at the age of 10 then gave it a break and got back into it when I was 14. As for the start of my MC career, I started rapping in 2010, which later led on to me doing other styles of music.

Who are your major influences and sources of inspiration?

My Parents are both very supportive of what I do and also music lovers too.

 What creative programs or projects have you been a part of?

I started off as a young participant taking part in the hip-hop workshops at Phoenix youth center and also took part in programs run by western edge youth arts, now I’m lucky enough to now be apart of the facilitator team at both organisations. Later I began working with Cohealth, which led to being apart of other projects.

 Tell us about your history with Cohealth and the community arts field.

My involvement in community arts begun as a young participant in numerous arts programs. Being apart of it all gave me so many opportunities, like having facilitator roles and being able to work on project with lots of different artist from different organisations. In 2013, I was apart of a collaborative theatre production between western edge youth arts and Cohealth. This project was called ‘Fate’. I met a lot of new people during my time in the production, a lot of those people being from ‘Massive Fam’ from Cohealth arts generator. I was lucky enough to be invited to join ‘massive’. From there I was given a lot of opportunities to work with Cohealth on numerous projects.

Where do you see your art practice going in the future?

All around the world! So I can share what I love to do and also work with many different sorts of people and share my knowledge.

Do you have a website or a form of social media where you share your work? Where can people find you?

My work can be found on the Internet. I’m easily contactable via my Facebook page ‘Yaw Faso’