Fate is heating up

music intensive fate

Whilst school takes a break the Fate team are turning up the heat and testing out ideas and concepts through music and theatre.

MASSIVE are working up new material and planning to give an outing to a new song that is yet to have a public presentation. Woo Hoo!

We look forward to hitting the ground running next week with our Fate crew in Ballarat. An ensemble of children and young people connected to Mini Monas and Urban Diversity Choir and supported locally by Vocalise and Ballarat Youth Services are making great heartfelt lyrical contributions to the soundtrack. It is going to be superb! Thanks Dani, Stella and Kate for keeping the Fate fire burning in Ballarat!

The Big West Festival program launches 10th October for Fate shows in Footscray. The Fate season will finish in Ballarat on December 1st at M.A.D.E. Stay tuned for deets.

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