Aki 1As a developing mentor and artist the Sisters and Brothers project has been one of huge learning, appreciation for the intelligence, honesty and enthusiasm of young children.
The mentoring process I have been involved in, so far with Melton South and Diggers Rest Primary Schools has been challenging, satisfying and rewarding. Some challenges I have faced as a mentor have been finding ways to gain a strong rapport with the children, maintaining all of the children’s attention and participation throughout the sessions, and navigating around topics which are rarely spoken about openly especially in groups. Satisfying aspects of this program have been when the kids really grasp and have a great understanding of what we are teaching. Learning that children have an inherent want to do right by others is very comforting when considering the fact that these children will one day be adults in this world. I have found it very rewarding when we get feedback from teachers principals and students about when the kids have been able to use the techniques of bystander intervention in their own lives, inside and outside the school.
I look forward to visiting many more schools, meeting many more children and sharing many more experiences for such an invaluable cause!