Interwoven is an ongoing creative project involving local African Women hailing predominantly from Ethiopia.

Over the course of the last 3 years the Interwoven ladies have worked with facilitators from a range of backgrounds in; sewing, photography, stencilling and have visited a range of arts settings such as Ian Potter, Australian Tapestry Workshops, The Social Studio and Werribee Mansion.

Their most recent project with emerging CCD Practitioner Billie-Jo Whitbread involved the women learning a snap and shoot style of photography that explored visual perspectives on their own identities and their collective identities as African women living in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. The women have a fond appreciation of lush gardens and plentiful flowers and so experiencing Melbourne Botanic Gardens and the Rose Garden at Werribee Mansion inspired them to take a range of portrait style shots with some of the women in traditional garb. Some chose to hold objects of significance such as photos of themselves as young women and beautiful hand woven serving bowls. This process stimulated lively conversations around migration, their homelands and their current life in Melbourne.