This group of women are social housing tenants and local residents from the West which come together at arts gen to share craft knowledge and spin a few yarns. The Circle forms twice a week and the group work on individual and group projects. A number of their recent projects have involved getting their work out into public space (see Restless, Secret Life of Footscray and Pink Yarns).


In their collaborative work Restless – Barkly Arts Craft Circle ponder the fact that while that more and more apartments appear in Footscray overnight, the Baillieu government continues to cut funding to housing services and the crisis in low cost housing continues to deepen. It’s an uncomfortable thought. And these crafty women know it…

523304_258461107590892_1978770148_nSecret Life of Footscray

Barkly Arts Craft Circle created a series of thread-works that they posted as diminutive pieces of “craft-fiti” in and around the suburb they love. Secret Life of Footscray brought together textile and thread-work pieces, print works, original music, projected imagery and still photography in a quirky and moving exhibition.

Barkly Arts CentrePink Yarns

Inspired by the hexagonal, cellular structure of skin, this crochet installation was created to transform the foyer area of social housing complex 229 Barkly Street, Footscray. Stitched into the work are the stories and shared experiences that connect the women to each other. The lead artist on this project was Sue Davis.