Presenting the debut album from MASSIVE a collective of young artists from Melbourne’s Westside.


Neology – neo tunes for an old world

MASSIVE blends old skool hip hop, traditional choral harmonies and body percussion to create a genre of hip hop powered by diversity and west side ingenuity.

After releasing Neology to a jumpin’ crowd in late 2012 at The Evelyn, MASSIVE keep the fire alive with fresh new gigs for 2013.

MASSIVE is a group of young urban artists aged 18– 25yrs who identify as Tongan/Fijian, Cook Islander, Niuean, Samoan, Lebanese/Tongan Caribbean/North African, Filipino, Comoros islander, Tanzanian, English/Spanish, and Indonesian. MASSIVE has created a new genre of hip hop that combines original rap lyrics, fresh beats, lush three part harmonies, body percussion, traditional pacific island dance and street choreography. Drawing on the strength of their diversity, MASSIVE is well into its third year and has been performing and recording their unique repertoire that is flavoured with old skool hip hop, gospel, traditional cultural tunes and protest music.

MASSIVE is creatively produced by Liss Gabb and Mary Quinsacara. MASSIVE has collaborated with Deaf Arts Network, Anti Racism Action Band, Arts Centre Melbourne’s Dig Deep program, South Sudanese rap star Emmanuel Jal, Diafrix, Blue King Brown, hip hop artists Lotek and Lesson, OZ Soul Collective and Big West festival. MASSIVE has run workshops with schools and community choirs across the west, in prisons, youth justice centres and regional Koori communities.

Neology’s worldwide release is being distributed by Gaga Digi